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Posted by Ben Wilson on Mar 29, 2018 3:31:29 PM
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ORLANDO, FL - Helvetica announced the funding of another broker originated bridge loan to purchase a single tenant NNN restaurant building.  The borrower purchased the building with a tenant in place and was in need of a quick closing. The relative short-term of the current lease and the time sensitive nature of this deal required private money financing for the purchase. The borrower intends on re-signing the current tenant to a longer term once the current lease nears expiration.
 The borrower is credit worthy and has sufficient liquidity. Once the lease is extended the deal should be eligible for a conventional bank refinance. Through great coordination with the loan broker and real estate agent, Helvetica was able to provide quick financing for another bridge loan.  
Helvetica offers a wide range of loan products for commercial and investment properties. We provide common sense underwriting and creative financing options. Contact us today for a quick close without the hassle of traditional bank financing. 
Deal Highlights:
  • Quick Close
  • Bank Turn Down
  • Strong Borrower
  • Bridge Loan
  • Broker Submission
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The Helvetica Group is a a real estate investment bank and family office providing innovative private lending, distressed asset acquisitions, brokerage, investment management and family office services. Helvetica aggregates investor capital in pursuit of greater alpha by targeting diligently underwritten, alternative investments secured by real estate assets. Helvetica is a direct lender and invests on behalf of individual investors, trusts, pension plans, retirement funds and institutional investors. We work closely with brokers, bankers, lenders and financial advisors as strategic partners to provide clients with fast access to financing, affording them the opportunity to quickly leverage their real estate assets. The Helvetica Group and its affiliates provide alternative financing secured by a variety of property types including: residential, retail, office, apartments, storage, RV parks, mobile home parks, light industrial, mixed use and other special use properties.

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